Push Lawn Mower Buying Guide

There are a number of factors to consider when it comes to buying a push mower. It may seem overwhelming at first due to the variety of styles and options, but with a few tips, the right mower can easily be found.

The first thing to consider would be the size of the yard that needs to be mowed and how the mower will be used. For the smallest of yards, a simple manual reel mower might do the job. For small to mid sized yards, the push mower is all that is needed. For medium to larger lawns, a riding mower might be in order.

A push mower comes in a variety of styles. The standard gas powered, walk behind mower has been a staple for many homeowners for years. For especially hilly locations, a self-propelled mower could be the best option. And for people that are environmentally friendly or are looking for a low maintenance option, cordless battery powered mowers are perfect.

Bagging is a factor that needs to be considered as well. Not all mowers come equipped with a debris bagger. This may not be an option or may be an accessory that needs to be purchased additionally. Bagging the grass clippings is often a personal preference. Some people prefer to use a mulching mower and leave the clippings on the ground, while others prefer to rake or bag the clippings for a more well manicured look. This decision needs to be made up front, because many mulching mowers are not equipped to be fitted with a bagging unit.

As with every purchase, pricing is something that needs addressed. A manual reel mower or gas powered mower can cost as low as $100, while cordless mowers can be $300 and up. A self-propelled mower can be from $200 to $400. Although price should be a factor, they type of mower needed for the lawn should dictate the type of unit to purchase.

When it comes to making that final decision, it does not hurt to get the advise of fellow neighbors and check out reviews online. Since this is a major purchase, the hope is that the mower will last for many years to come. By making the right purchase, the yard will be well groomed and looking great in no time at all.

Deluxe Light Push Reel Lawn Mower

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What is a good push lawn mower for tall grass?

Q: I want to get a nice push lawn mower that is eligible to cut lawn grass. My lawn is really long I can't wait any longer to cut it, so I need to buy one today. I was looking to buy one of these at mabe Homedepot or Lowes.

A: just cut at highest level and re-cut till you reach the height you want. slow and easy

Push Reel Mower Backyard Clean Up September 04, 20111

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